Our story, our beginnings

Our history dates back to the year 1958, when my grandfather Ivan and grandmother Cilka started their first inn activity in Duplje in Upper Carniola. After three years they opened they opened first inn at the current location. It was a simple homey inn, where they offered homemade food, such as blood sausages, pork sausages, dried salami, dry sausages, minced lard, brawn, liver, brain with eggs and more could be listed.

As with many people, their beginnings were difficult too. To make the inn as it is today, a lot of effort and sleepless night have been put it. My grandfather Ivan made all the food for their guests on his own, and many times it was necessary to make slaughter (koline) at night. The effort was rewarded, as soon as the inn became known and alongside the local firefighters, police and workers, also the then high-ranking politicians and people from the surrounding towns and cities started to visit them.

With the help of members of the family, the voice of the restaurant quickly expanded.

Still today my father Janez nostalgically remembers how he helped in the inn and served the guests after his school obligations and despite being barely seen across the table. In 1990 he and his wife Nada took over the management of the inn. At that time, they also significantly widened the food offer for the guests. Today, besides the traditional food, which was offered by our grandparents, our inn offers all kinds of steaks, vegetarian meals, seafood, game and exotic food such as frog legs. We also offer a la carte dishes.
Like my father, I was also involved in the hospitality industry from a small age. I have to admit that hard times often come, there is a lot of trials, but I know that in the end, when our customer is satisfied, all the effort is paid off and then I say ‘’IT WAS WORTH IT.’’

In 2018, the time came for my parents to get some rest, leaving the management of the inn to me. Despite all the changes in the field of cuisine, I will continue to maintain the homeliness of our house, as we will continue to offer authentic traditional food, alongside modern dishes. Every winter you will be able to eat homemade blood sausages and pork sausages at our inn. Through the whole year you will also find spoon dishes, ‘’žganci’’, gnocchi, strukeljs, croquettes, ...which all of it is of course made by us. Our main guideline is quality food, therefore local farmers deliver us most of the ingredients (beets, cabbage, potatoes, eggs, flour...) for preparing them into excellent dishes that pamper your taste buds. Also, most of the meat, game, fish, etc. is of Slovenian origin. Another special offer has to be mentioned which is Black angus beef, which is prepared in a special steak oven at 800°C.

As it has to fit for a good restaurant, there is no shortage of desserts. In our offer you find chocolate mousse, sweet fantasy, chocolate stake, panna cotta, homemade strudel, ... We really like to praise our 1st fairy-tale pies, which are known far and wide.

Heart work always brings success!

Nejc Rekar

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Special Offer

Black angus beef, which we prepare in a special steak oven at 800°C.

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